If your university has given you college credits for your Advanced Placement course and/or exam, and it is listed on your transcript, we will accept these credits.

All science and math prerequisite courses must be taken within 10 years of application. Exceptions are granted only when employment or continued education has provided continued use of the knowledge gained in these courses.

Biological sciences (12 semester hours including laboratory)

Must include four semester hours of college biology. May be an introductory or an advanced course.

Must include four semester hours of anatomy and four semester hours of human physiology or eight semester hours of anatomy/physiology I and II.

An exercise physiology course is not an acceptable substitute for a human physiology course.

Cell biology and histology are highly recommended but not required.

Chemistry (eight semester hours including laboratory)

Mathematics (three semester hours)

These credits must be in precalculus or above.

Physics (eight semester hours of general physics with laboratory) – courses that emphasize mechanics, electricity, heat and light are highly recommended.

Psychology (six semester hours)

This requirement can be met by one introductory course and one upper level course or two upper level courses. Abnormal and developmental courses are preferred.

Sports psychology in the Exercise Science Department does not meet this requirement.

Statistics (three semester hours)

Please email the Admissions Coordinator at for questions about prerequisite requirements and courses.