Dear Alumni,

We have made the big move into the new building at 900 East Leigh St. and changed the name of the school to the College of Health Professions! As with any move, we are struggling through finding our way around, finding the stuff we moved, reserving lecture room and learn new technology. Things change every month which we hope will settle down this fall. So, we will be happy to show off the new space during reunion weekend 2020! Even so, the faculty have been working hard on their teaching, research and service! Chad Taylor has officially moved into a full-time faculty position, weaves the musculoskeletal thread through all three years of the DPT curriculum and  coordinates the Sports Residency. Dixie Bowman has moved on to the beach and Katie Shaab has moved in to teach Rehabilitation. Stacey Dusing has been promoted to professor and has brought in some new research grants. Terry Solano has initiated the Pediatric residency this year so, along with Neurology and Sports, all 3 Physical Therapy residencies are up and running. If you have a chance to stop by, be sure to take a look at the research labs of Stacey Dusing, Jim Thomas, Pete Pidcoe, Ben Darter, and Cheryl Ford-Smith. I share a research lab with Clinical Laboratory Science. There is always something happening! We are excited to hear this year’s Bob Lamb distinguished lecturer, Laurie Hack, (2018 McMillan lecturer) speaking on “Words and Numbers: Telling the Full Story”. Of course, the students continue to be the stars in this show! You will read about how they continue to lead the country, raising money for the Marquette challenge. They are very active in the community, including activities ranging from a pro bono clinic to service in developing countries. They plug away in the classroom; I love to go to the commencement ceremony, hug them as the fledge into the world of physical therapists and watch their proud parents and significant others. We truly appreciate the service of you, our alumni, as you take them into the real world and teach them the clinical art of physical therapy. We are on the 4 th floor. Come up and see us sometime!


Mary Shall's Signature