The VCU RUN LAB is a collaborative effort by sport biomechanists, exercise physiologists and coaches to help athletes of ALL levels RUN BETTER through science. Running better isn’t just about performance, it’s about health.‌

Through precise measures of your heart, lungs, muscles and joints, we design specific training, mechanics and cross-training programs for EVERY runner-whether it’s your first 5k, you’re returning from an injury or planning on qualifying for the Boston ‌Marathon.


The VCU RUN LAB utilizes evidence from research generated in the lab by students and clinical researchers working side-by-side within the departments of Physical Therapy and Kinesiology and Health Sciences. We aim to educate both students and the community on best practices for running and running health. Richmond is recognized as one of the most Runner-Friendly cities in the U.S. and it’s our goal to keep our runners healthy.