Investigators are scientists devoted to research - developing preliminary data, testing procedures and developing hypotheses. Listed below are the investigators and research highlights of Virginia Commonwealth University's Department of Physical Therapy.

Dixie Bowman, PT, Ed.D.
Research interests are in the areas of assessment, professional development and excellence in teaching and learning.

Benjamin J. Darter, P.T., Ph.D.
Research and clinical interests are in the areas of rehabilitation following extremity amputation, optimization of gait performance, and overall health promotion.

Stacey C. Dusing, PT, Ph.D.
Research interests include the development of head and trunk control in young infants, physical therapy interventions and motor development of infants born prematurely, motor development of children with lysosomal storage disorders, and children with hearing impairments.

Sheryl Finucane, PT, Ph.D.
Research interests include musculoskeletal tissue healing and adaptation to exercise. Finucane teaches in the Rehabilitation and Movement Science Ph.D. program.

Cheryl Ford-Smith, PT, M.S., N.C.S.
Research interests include fall prevention in the elderly, reliability of balance evaluation tools, treatment intervention for balance and vestibular rehabilitation.

Thomas P. Mayhew, PT, Ph.D.
Current research interests are associated with educational issues such as determinants of program success and licensure for DPT students.

Peter Pidcoe, PT, DPT, Ph.D.
Research interests include biomechanics and motor control aspects of human motion in sports medicine, pediatrics and elite performance settings, the quantitative assessment and design of therapeutic interventions in orthopaedic treatment settings, and the design and construction of specialized research equipment. Pidcoe teaches in the Rehabilitation and Movement Science Ph.D. program.

Daniel Riddle, PT, Ph.D., FAPTA
Research interests are in diagnostic, prognostic and intervention-based studies of persons with osteoarthritis or joint arthroplasty.

Mary Snyder Shall, PT, Ph.D.
Research interests include fine motor control, extra ocular motor units, compartmentalization of skeletal muscle, vestibular afferent input to extra ocular and spinal cord innervated muscles, and the effect of the practice of yoga and breathing exercises on lung function and quality of life in patients with cancer.

Emma Wheeler, PT, M.S.
Research interests include risk factors for falling in the elderly, therapeutic modalities, clinical education and the use of admission data to enhance recruitment and predict success in the Doctor of Physical Therapy program.